Ms. Desiré smiling

Charmise Desiré represents the Uniondale School District on the N-SSBA

“Charmise Desiré always goes above and beyond in her efforts to support the Uniondale community and public school education in general,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Monique Darrisaw-Akil. “We look forward to seeing all she accomplishes in her new position with the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association.” 

 Ms. Desiré has lived in the community for over 20 years and served as a PTA member, founding president of the Uniondale High School Football Parent Booster Club and a computer instructor for the Adult Education Program. She’s also served on the UHS Character Education Committee, the District Technology Committee and a District Pupil Capacity Focus Group, among various District interview committees. She is an engaged member of various civic organizations in the Uniondale community and a graduate of the Parent Leadership Institute of Long Island, in association with the Childcare Council of Nassau County.

“I was inspired to get involved with the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association as I watched fellow board members of color serving from other school districts, and they did so diligently as advocates for underrepresented communities,” Ms. Desiré said. “Although many communities of color have unique concerns, there are many overlapping concerns that impact all districts. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this group was very resourceful as we shared information with one another and did our best to support one another as we all faced the same challenges with virtual learning and mask mandates.” 

 In March 2020, Ms. Desiré was elected to the Nassau County Executive Committee of the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association. This May, she was elected as its secretary/treasurer. 

 “I believe this group serves as a think tank to help come up with strategies and solutions that we can in turn present to our districts and elected officials for the benefit of all parties involved” she added. “In the business of education, it is vital that we collaborate across community lines for the benefit of our region and state. Together we can accomplish more, ensuring that we highlight the advantages of public school education.” 

 At the state level, Ms. Desiré was appointed to the Resolutions Committee of the New York State School Boards Association in January 2021. She was recently appointed as its chair for the 2023 cycle and will work in conjunction with their governmental relations team.